Resistance Art is an initiative dedicated to celebrate the diversity and richness of Palestinian art and culture. It was founded in 2003, and is located in Toronto, Canada.

The initiative was started as an individual effort, and it has been extremely rewarding on all levels. We connected with people all over the world who are concerned with art and cultural exchange; we started a dialogue with different groups to cooperate on a variety of Palestinian cultural projects; we helped expose the work of Palestinian artists to the World; and we raised some funds to support cultural organization in Palestine and the Diaspora.

Our Palestinian Art products currently include Wall Calendars, Posters, Books and Greeting Cards. We will be regularly introducing new items such as bookmarks, T-shirts, and a variety of Palestinian Art stationeries. We will continue to channel a percentage of the proceeds from all our current and future projects to Palestinian cultural organizations and to help support local artists.

In addition to our products, we will be helping Palestinian cultural organizations promote their products worldwide.

We also intend to organize Palestinian exhibitions and talks by Palestinian artists; build bridges between Palestinian artists all over the world; form a directory of Palestinian artists to facilitate communication among themselves and with other interested parties; and help Palestinian artists locate new opportunities for development.



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