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Speak, Bird, Speak Again,


a Palestinian Arab folktales book. This book is an essential guide to Palestinian culture and a must for those who want to deepen their understanding of rich culture and an enduring people. Over the course of several years Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana collected tales in the regions of the Galilee, Gaza, and the West Bank, determining which were the most widely known and appreciated and selecting the ones that best represented the Palestinian folk narrative tradition. By combining their respective expertise in English literature and anthropology, Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana bring to these tales an integral method of study that unites sensitivity to language with a deep appreciation for culture.


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The Scar of David


Moving and powerful novel; touches the depth of the readerís soul. One of the best stories that tell the Palestinian tragedy, struggle, resilience and national aspiration. This novel is a must read to understand the Palestinian tragedy from a Palestinian perspective.


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"Made in Palestine" 


Made in Palestine is the first museum exhibition in the united States devoted to the contemporary art of Palestine. This exhibition follows the modern history of the Palestinian people from the Al-Nakba of 1948 to their dream for a homeland.

There are evocations of the forced dispossession of the Palestinian people and the testament to the day-to-day brutality of the current Israeli occupation.

Palestinian artists, under the most egregious circumstances, create works of art that are a contribution to the world art. Specifically, they create symbols and visual configurations that define their national liberation struggle for free Palestine. Being an artist for Palestine is an act of courage.

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A man and his camera

Photographs of Palestine 1927-1967


By: Hanna Safieh.



                              Front Cover                            Back Cover



The book was published for the first time in 1999 by Hanna’s son Rafi. It offers us a unique opportunity to get to know the work of an important artist who died in 1979, to honor his memory, and celebrate his work. The 101-page hard cover book is a very high quality production that presents 96 photographs of several aspects of Palestinian daily life and of selected Palestinian cities between 1927 and 1967.


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